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    Landscape print



      We have a requirement to print information in a table manner which requires us to do Landscape prints (as portrait will not hold the information with correct alignment)

      We are using default Arial font and just updated the "Orientation" to say "Lanscape" for all relevant sections for the print. We are able to generate the PDF correctly, also when I try generate a metacode file using BARR2VB utility (with printtype XER) it generates fine. But when I view it though Print Analyzer the PMODE still says "Portrait" and the Display at right hand side in the analyzer window also does not look right.


      Please suggest If I need any specific setup to get desired Landscape output ? 

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          The metacode is very likely correct. The PMODE command is only used for line data text, it has no effect on text emitted using metacode commands. The display of a "landscape page" in the Printstream Analyzer will have the text drawn sideways from the bottom of the screen toward the top. Actually, there is nothing that absolutely identifies a page as being landscape in a metacode print stream. That said, you can use your mouse to right click on the right side window. This will present a menu where you can select "rotate right" to display the page in a manner that will look more natural to you. The rotate options can also be accessed via the View tab.

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            Thanks for the inputs.

            We ended up printing the metacode file in a XER printer. It did print but the fonts look funny.

            Do we need to change the fonts in FXR file to somehow indicate landsacpe printing ? If yes that do we need to use separate INI as we need to print both landscape and portrait pages from the same workspace.

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              By "fonts look funny", I presume you are seeing portrait fonts printed in landscape mode. It sounds like you may be using your own fonts and need to add landscape fonts to your FXR file.


              Xerox fonts are not scalable and do not rotate. There is one font file for each rotation and different files are required for different sizes. The file extension is FNT and file names are up to six characters long. Xerox fonts in all four orientations (portrait, landscape, inverse portrait, and inverse landscape) are included in the system fonts and FXR (font cross-reference) file provided with Documaker.


              In Studio's Font Manager, the Metacode Font properties for each font contains a field for the 0 degrees (normal), 90 degrees (inverse landscape), 180 degrees (inverse portrait), and 270 degrees (landscape) fonts.


              If you are using the legacy tools from versions 12.0 and earlier, the legacy Font Manager had a Rotated Font Files field in the Metacode Font properties. The Rotated Font Files field would specify the font filenames for the 90, 180 and 270 degree fonts separated by semicolons, such as FNT90;FNT180;FNT270

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                Which fixed width font 10 point or less are standard for XEROX printer ?

                We tried F2CON8 and it looked good in print analyzer but when was sent to Xerox printer it failed with a format error.

                Can someone provide a list of fixed width font we can use here and is there a simple way to load to xer printer too.



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                  Mr Peabody-Oracle

                  Fonts are stored on Xerox printers. The fonts your printer has installed are not guaranteed (and not likely) to match those that accompany Documaker in the default font cross reference (FXR) file. You will either need to obtain the fonts from your printer and import them into your own custom FXR for Documaker to use, or you will have to take the fonts you got with Documaker  and download those to your printer in order to use the default FXR provided.

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                    You should be able to use the F2CON8 (Courier 8 point landscape) font. Are you using one of the old base FXR files that used to contain this font (font ID 12008) or did you add it yourself to your FXR file? In the Metacode font properties, you should see FXCON8 as the 0 degrees font, F9CON8 as the 90 degrees font, F1CON8 as the 180 degrees font, and F2CON8 as the 270 degrees font.


                    As far as loading fonts on the printer, it would depend on the printer and whether the printer is attached to a network or to a mainframe.


                    If you have an older model Xerox printer or one that is attached to a mainframe, you may be able to use the XERDNLD utility. It can be used to convert Xerox fonts into a quasi - print stream that when "printed" will download the font onto the printer. You would need to use the same Xerox printer INI settings that you would normally use when producing metacode output to be printed.


                    If you have a fairly modern printer, it may have a network attached server that runs the printer and holds the Xerox resource files including fonts. If so, then you should be able to use an FTP connection to load the fonts onto the server. You would need to check with Xerox for the location where the Xerox fonts are stored but it might be in a directory like




                    Make sure that the font filename (including the .FNT extension) is upper case and note that the directory names are mixed case.


                    Xerox should be able to provide you with specific information about loading Xerox fonts onto your printer.

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                      Yes we are using OLD base FXR files ( came with Docucorp/DAP 10.3) that contains this font (font ID 12008). What we did is, Updated the metacode properties of this FONT for rotation ( FXCON8 as the 0 degrees font, F2CON8 as the 270 degrees font.) After this the prints look good on print analyzer. (otherwise when the metacode properties only had FXCON8 as the 0 degrees font it was not working with Landscape sections)

                      I sent some test prints only with F2CON8 and another only with F1CON8. Problem is I am not aware how the printer works.It seems they said F1CON8 is working (but is not the preferred rotation) but there an issue with F2CON8. I will try explain them the XERDNLD utility so they can update printer.

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                        Wohooo.. We used XERDNLD utility to create loadable file for printer out of F2CON8 and it worked

                        Thanks for all your help.