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    How to Set Data Collection Time for Information Publisher Report


      Hello Everybody,


      So i try to set up a report, that contains some tablespace information. The Report should be mailed to my Email account around 07:00 am every day, so i have an overview if we are running in some problems with some full tablespaces. the report and the notification mail works good but my only problem is, the data is not up to date. there is a comment under each data table of my report which is saying that the data was last updated about 8 - 13 houres ago, depending on the target database. is there a way i can trigger the update of the report data on a specific time? so i can update the data before running the report job every morning around 7 am? i am totally noob, so i hope someone can help me, i tried to google this but i could not find something usefull.