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    Packade Application "Issue Tracker" - Editing Update to an issue



      I recognized the following problem when editing a so called 'Update' to an issue using the edit capability of that update:

      The text is being put into a popup-Window without linebreaks.


      For example, create an update like this (with linebreaks):

      line 1

      line 2

      line 3


      and save this using "Add Update".


      Then try to edit this update using the "Edit" capability:

      The popup "Edit note" appears with the text inside like this: line 1line 2line 3

      After "Apply changes" the text is stored to the database in one line (without linebreaks).


      Appreciating any idea, how to assure, that linebreaks are taken into account in this process.


      I'm using Application Express

      Issue Tracker Version is 1.0.31,4