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    provision Oracle 12c two node RAC standard database using OEM12c?


      I have installed OEM 12c in a RHEL environment and have two RHEL servers on the network that I want to install Oracle Database 12c Release - 64bit Standard Edition database in a two node RAC configuration.   


      I am somewhat confused by my first look at the "provisioning setup-> software library-> Associated Entities-> Show"...I see a lot of "directives" for DB Provisioning/ but nothing pertaining to

      However; in the documentation (Oracle® Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide 12c Release 3 ( E27046-20)

      and in the actual 'Enterprise->provisioning and patching->database provisioning" on my running OEM12c....I see  a "profile" for RAC Database using ASM for on Unix...This is a reference profile created for provisioning rac database using ASM for on Unix.

      I know I can accomplish creating a two node RAC standard Edition 12c database the "old fashioned way", but I'd like to try out this "provisioning" concept that is being touted for OEM12c.


      Has anyone used OEM 12c to provision and create such a RAC database?