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    Regarding Shared Members in Outline




        I have a Particular Parent A , which has a Hierarchy and drill down till level 0 . Have one more Parent B , which is a Shared member of A . The Parent  B should be drilling through its level 0 , same like Parent A   but it does not have any children associated with it and I see only the Parent Member but nothing else other than that. Is it because Parent A exists upper in the chain and hence does not have any issue in seeing its Children while Parent B is down in teh Hierarchy and hence it does not associate itself with any children !!


      Then, how can we obtain drill through for Parent B without changing the Shared member (Parent B)  name.


      Any Comments , suggestions ?


      Thanks !

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          Shared members have to be the bottom level of a hierarchy so it will not have drilldown capabilities. unless I am reading this wrong, I think your wording is a little off.  I think you have a member A and in an alternate rollup A (Shared member) where the shared member has a parent.  When you have this arrangement, Smart View /Add-in remembers the rollup the member is in. If you delete the parent and refresh, most of the time the front end will think the member is from the primary rollup and will then allow dill down.

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            Glenn, A and B are siblings . There are certain members in A which are Shared members in B . I see the Roll Up and down for members in A , but not in B . In B , I just see the member Tagged as Shared Member and I dont see any Children associated with it . I need to see the roll down in members of B as well.

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              unless you were to do something ugly line enable duplicate member names and load the data multiple times, I'm afraid you are stuck with the functionality the way it is.

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                You can kind of do it, but it does not work for what you probably need.  If you drill next level and uncheck "include selection" on the zoom tab you can drill beyond the shared member, but that does mean that you do not get the hierarchy that you are probably looking to get.

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                  So , if I have to enable duplicate members then can I drill down on those members which is not possible right now.

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                    If you have duplicate members, you would have to load the data multiple times as they are no longer shared and you would have to qualify them in retrievals. It makes it pretty ugly and a lot more work but you would get drill down in multiple hierarchies

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                      I think its fine if there is no Data in Parent A which I have mentioned , because I have already loaded the data for different scenario in A . Now that told , when I enable Duplicates the expected data was in Parent B but because of this issue the data is seen at A and B and drill down only at A . After enabling duplicates , I am assuming we will be able to drill down and see data for B , while there wont be any data in A because the original interesection when the data was loaded was referring to Children of B .


                      I know have made it bit complex for you , but suggest me based on your best understanding !

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                        When I try to check Duplicate Member Names Allowed to True , EAS freezes out . I stopped the Database and tried but still it froze . Anyone know why it behaved so !