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    Question about tools for web programming.


      Hello all,


      Sorry for the vague title, but I am trying to start a new web application that is basically going be a product viewer and cloud based solution for companies.  I am trying to figure out what exactly I should be using to complete this.


      I am looking to be using SVG for images/boxes as it's supported on all devices.  I am going back and forth on what I should be using for this, and I know this is a Java forum so I might only be getting half of the answer


      I found a JS library that works well with SVG as well as graphing capabilities and such, the library is called D3.


      I also found a Java framework called Apache Baltik, but that is 6 years old so I feel it's unsupported.


      It seems I could use anything on the client, but my issue is the backend.  Should I use Node.js, or would a Java backend be better?


      I keep trying to find articles on what would be better, but keep finding these awfully skewed/biased articles from Dzone saying JEE is dead, but the comments say otherwise.


      I am not new to Java, but I would be new to Server side Java, as well as Node.js in general.


      There seems to be so many choices I don't know what would be good.....  I've also seen something called Vert.x, so that's another thing to consider.




      If anyone has any advice to make this journey a little easier I would appreciate it greatly.

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          So... you are looking for a library to do SVG stuff with and then you're going to let that be the decision for which platform you're going to use to build the entire application?


          I hope just asking that makes you see how wrong that is.

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            That's not what I'm asking, if you read my post you would see what I'm trying to do.


            I'm just trying to find out what is used currently for development of web applications.  I have been looking into vert.x on the server side, but still looking at client side options, etc.


            I am saying I was looking into SVG, but I'm just looking for something that can display colored boxes/pictures that is cross platform all over, that is step 1, I need graphs and other things for reporting, etc.  I was looking into D3.js for this.


            I don't need to even use SVG, I just need to complete the tasks I have.  It's not a huge application.


            There are many options Java wise, so I'm just curious what people use and what would be better for certain applications vs others.


            Also, there is no need to be rude, especially without even answering my question.  I see you do this a lot on here, do you have to feel "superior" to people or something?  "You're wrong peasant."  Lol.....