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    DB auto restart issue in grid




      I have a db with grid+rdbms(clien database) , its oracle 11gR2 on Linux 5.8....


      As host name changed, i have reconfigure the database details as per "Oracle Performance and Backup Blog: Grid Infrastructure - Reconfiguration / host name change" .......


      everything looks fine, but client database(aboradb) is not started automatically, and i have to start manually..


      [grid@oel5-asm grid]$ crs_stat -t

      Name           Type           Target    State     Host


      ora.CRS.dg     ora....up.type ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora.DATA.dg    ora....up.type ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora.FRA.dg     ora....up.type ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora....ER.lsnr ora....er.type ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora.aboradb.db ora....se.type ONLINE    OFFLINE

      ora.asm        ora.asm.type   ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora.cssd       ora.cssd.type  ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      ora.diskmon    ora....on.type ONLINE    ONLINE    oel5-asm

      [grid@oel5-asm grid]$



      Not sure if i am missing anything ...could any one help how can i make sure that this client database will come up automatically when the server restarts or db service goes down.



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          Hi there

          Try this:

          ---Check your configuration (AUTO_START parameter):

          ./crsctl stat res -p


          ---- Enable Auto Start

          ./crsctl modify resource "ora.aboradb.db" -attr "AUTO_START=always"


          I hope this help you



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            What happens when you issue this command:


            srvctl config database -d db_name


            My output looks similar to this:



            Start options: open

            Stop options: immediate



            Is your Start Option set to OPEN? If not, you can change it this way:


            srvctl modify database -d db_name -s open


            Then the next time Grid Infrastructure starts, it will open the database automatically.




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              Levi Pereira


              check/modify using srvctl from ORACLE_HOME (database) and OS user owner of  OH installation OS.


              $ srvctl config database -d <DB_NAME>


              To start automatically change it to :

              $ srvctl modify database -d <db_unique_name>   [-y {AUTOMATIC | MANUAL | NORESTART}]


              If already are configured to AUTOMATIC then you probably should be stopping database (manually) using srvctl before shutdown the cluster or restart server, in this case database will not start because the will restore last state and last state was stopped.


              Management policy for the database.

              • AUTOMATIC (default): The database is automatically restored to its previous running condition (started or stopped) upon restart of the database host computer.
              • MANUAL: The database is never automatically restarted upon restart of the database host computer. A MANUAL setting does not prevent Oracle Clusterware from monitoring the database while it is running and restarting it if a failure occurs.
              • NORESTART: Starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (, you can use the NORESTART value. Similar to the MANUAL setting, the database is never automatically restarted upon restart of the database host computer. A NORESTARTsetting, however, never restarts the database even if a failure occurs.
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                Levi Pereira

                Hi J.A,


                "./crsctl modify resource "ora.aboradb.db" -attr "AUTO_START=always"

                It can be a option,but change it with crsctl is not supported by Oracle and database will always start no matter what was last state and it's not default configuration of Clusterware.


                Little note:

                Using crs_* or crsctl commands on resources with the prefix ora.* (resources provided by Oracle) is unsupported.

                Check Note:

                Oracle Clusterware and Application Failover Management (Doc ID 790189.1)

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                  I see, thank you Levi for this Note.