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    How to add new JDBC driver to ODI 12c

    Allan Wei



      Would someone help on add new JDBC driver to ODI 12c? I need add DBF JDBC driver to ODI 12c in order to load DBase III data to the Oracle DB.





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          Hi Allan,


          You can download respective Driver /jar file from support.oracle.com or from another website and place it in your loca machine and follow below steps


          ODI 12c Studio (and Local/No Agent)

          On Windows operating systems place the driver / jar file in: 

          On UNIX/Linux operating systems,

          then stop and relaunch ODI and reperform operations.

          ODI 12c Standalone Agent:

          Place the driver or jar file in:


          Do not forget to stop and restart the Agent from either
          •the command prompt
          •or using the appropriate nodemanager


          Hope this may helps you to fix the issue