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    xcom script to pull data not exiting out


      Hello All


      I am trying to pull a file from a LAN drive (Windows) to unix box using xcom. The pull is working, file is reaching the mentioned unix target location, however, my shell script which contain the xcom command is not exiting.


      Following is the xcom command and there is nothing else in the shell script apart from this command


      xcomtcp -c4 -f REMOTE_SYSTEM=$$SYSTEM_NAME \

                             REMOTE_FILE_RF=$$SRC_DIR \

                             LOCAL_FILE_RF=$$TARGET_DR \

                             FILE_OPTION=REPLACE \

                             PROTOCOL=TCPIP \

                             USERID=<<userid>> \

                             PASSWORD=<<pwd>> \




      Once the script is executed, the file reach the target directory in next second but the shell script doesn't exit. The file I am trying to pull is a csv of size 1KB. The following appears on the console when I trigger the shell script.

      XCOMU0029I Locally initiated transfer started.


      and thats it.... if I leave it for 2 hours, it will still be the same.... And if I press enter then the following appears

      TID=<Number> XCOMU0289E Command failed, RC=1.


      Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.



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          Sorry, but what is a Windows LAN drive? Is this some shared network volume using SMB or NFS? And last not least, what is "xcomtcp" and why bother? Are you using Linux?

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            Apologies for not mentioning it before, Windows LAN drive is a NFS. I cannot use SFTP, only available option to move files is using xcom. Xcom is a utility developed by CA technologies. It is used to push/pull files from Windows NFS to Unix Servers or unix to unix. Apparently xcomtcp is the syntax and -c4 is used when you want to pull. All this I've learned a day before from guru google. I cannot find anything more on that so went for the last resort of putting it up on OTN. One more thing is if you get an error with " XCOMU0289E ", it also mean that xcom has worked but something else has gone wrong (read it on net !!) . Now, what else could go wrong when there is nothing else after that xcom command.

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              Are you using Linux?


              You posted your question to a forum space specifically hosted for Linux questions.

              Paste the output from uname.

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                uname output - Linux 2.6.18-371.4.1.e15

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                  851268 wrote:


                  uname output - Linux 2.6.18-371.4.1.e15

                  Thank you.

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                    You probably meant .el5 instead of e15. Anyway, I have never used or seen xcom and it does not seem to be part of the standard software distribution for RHEL and other derivatives. Some resources on the web show that it requires openmotif, so I think this is really some very old piece of software and was not made for Linux in the first place.


                    If searching with google does not provide anything useful, maybe it's time to look for an alternative or better way to transfer the data. Have you considered Linux autofs? You could simply use the cp command to copy a file from local a directory that is mapped through autofs to a remote NFS server. Autofs will automatically mount the volume on access and dismount the volume when idle.


                    You may find the following useful:

                    How to make mount point permanent