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    Siebel upgrade from to


      Hi All,


      We are upgrading Siebel from SIA to SIA version mainly for defects update and ensure Siebel version is comptaible with OBIEE 11g version.

      Our project main focus is only on siebel marketing and campaign management.


      As per the ugrade instructions we will run the OUI maintenance release installer to apply the Siebel CRM version SIA maintenance release.

      We are not intending to use Open UI or any new features included in the Siebel CRM version innovation pack.

      Could you kindly confirm if we should also run the incremental repository merge or can we skip this since we are not using open UI/new features in


      To get the installer for Siebel CRM version SIA maintenance release, are we supposed to download the "Siebel Industry Applications Version Base Applications for AIX (Starter Installation Requirement)" with part number V39882-01 from oracle edelivery and install it on top of our Siebel build?


      Kindly suggest the best practices and the installation/patch sequence for upgrade from to and the exact path/patch numbers for the required installers?


      Note: We are not focused on open UI and new features in SIA release but only for bug fixes we want to get ugpraded to



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          Hello Diwakar,



          Thanks for using Oracle Technical Communities.



          Going to your first question on whether you need to run IRM, answer is yes, IRM is mandatory if you are patching Siebel application from 8.1.1.x to Its irrespective of if you are using OpenUI or not.



          Coming to installation, you need to download jar files, you can follow below steps to download same. Then create image and apply patch.


          1) Login to My oracle support through your credentials

          2) Go to tab 'Patches & Updates'

          3) Enter patch number as '17470764' in 'Patch Name or Number' field and click on search.

          4) Download patch for AIX.




          You can get really helpful information on installation and other post installation tasks in following knowledge documents:


          Innovation Pack 2013: Installation instructions for Siebel (Doc ID 1590380.1)

          Install & Configure Advisor: Siebel Innovation Pack 2013 ( (Doc ID 1588620.1)


          I hope it helps.





          Best Regards,