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    ODI 11g --> ODI 12c upgrade caused corrupted mappings


      Hi everyone,


      Two weeks ago we upgraded ODI11g to ODI12c. It looked like everything went well, although we noticed that we still needed to perform some small changes on the mappings. Some of the preferences were changed during the upgrade. But no problem, we could fix that by changing the mappings.


      One mapping is very complex and we could not get this one stable. Everytime joins disappear from the screen after saving, closing and opening the mapping (in the background they still exist. We still get error messages on that join).Really weird things are happening. We thought that perhaps the mappings are corrupted, because the Work Repository is somehow corrupted during the upgrade? So we wanted to created a clean work repository and importing all the projects in this clean environment. For this, we neede to export all the projects. Then we found out that we got a Null Pointer Exception during the export ... This goes for all the mappings we changed after the upgrade (60 hours of work). Apparently by changing the mappings after the upgrade, we corrupted all the mappings!

      At the moment we are stuck. We need to continue developing, but we cannot with the current mappings in the current work repository and we cannot create a new repository to import all the projects, because we cannor export the projects ...


      The only thing we think we can do now is restore the back-up of ODI11g and redo the upgrade ... Including the 60-hours work afterwards.


      Does anyone recognize this problem?

      Doe anyone know if there is another solution than doing everything all over again?


      Thanks in advance.



      Bianca Belle.

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          Hi Bianca,


          Any chance you ran a patch against the repository, but did not patch an ODI Studio install - then connected with the "unpatched" ODI Studio? See excerpt from here (https://t.co/37ToIPhaEf) below.


          I M P O R T A N T :


          If used once, you are demanded to consistently use ODI exclusively.




          After an ODI Studio connected once to a Repositories, any connection to the same Repositories using ODI will corrupt the Work Repository data.


          More precisely, when connecting again with ODI Studio to a Repository where ODI Studio was previously used...


          ... Mapping components (such as Lookup, Pivot, Unpivot, Table Function and Sub-query Filter) will be deleted from the Repository as soon as ODI Studio starts-up, and connects to the respective Repository, with no way (other than a database backup) for recovering the data.



          Michael Rainey

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            Hi Michael,


            Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I just read your reaction today ;-(.

            We work with ODI Studio and repository, so that is not the problem.


            Somehow we start to believe that the problem is somthing in the environment though.

            When only one of us in logged in in ODI, there are no problems, but as soon as a second person logs in, the problems start ...



            Bianca Belle.

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              Hi Belle,


              Are you getting error "An internal error occurred whilst opening the Diagram"

              becaue this Signaled When Clicking On The Mapping.



              Actually this issue will come when you migrate from ODI 11g to higher version of ODI 11g

              excluding upgradation from ODI to ODI




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                Hi Phanikanth,


                Thanks for the response.

                No, we can still open the mapping, but it is evry time a surprise whether or not some joins are removed and/or if the mapping can be executed.

                Besides the evironment problems, we suspect that ODI has some problems with datasets in combination with reusable mappings and/or when the same tabel appears more than once in a dataset aith a different alias.



                Bianca Belle.

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                  Hi Belle,


                  Is this is giving any error "Table or view does not exist" at a time of mapping execution on ODi 12c (12.1.2 version), if Yes, it is a bug in 12.1.2 version.

                  Please go through the Doc ID 1644315.1 for the same.

                  If No, then please raise an SR in oracle support portal for futher solution.




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                    Hi Panikanth,


                    Thanks for the respone. Unfromtunately this is also nog what happens when we execute the mappings.

                    We already issued an SR. But we thought perhaps others have this issue too, so also added this on the forum.


                    Thanks again.