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    Webservices (REST) WADL with ODI

    Luiz Araujo

      Hi guys.


      I do not know exactly how to works with webservices, but I have a demand that needs to send information to a webservice and then retrieve the result after a few minutes.


      The only informations that was sent to me were:


      WADL URL: http://CUSTOMER_SERVER_NAME/SERVICES/application.wadl


      Root Services Address:




      How do I work with these parameters in ODIInvokeWebservice? All I saw is about WSDL and I'm not sure about the diferences.


      Let me know if there are any info that needs to be detailed or added to this.


      Luiz Araujo

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          Hi Araujo,


          Please correct me if I am wrong, you need to transfer data from oracle 11g table to web Service


          Yes, we have to use ODIInvokeWebservice tool present in ODI package which we need to transfer data from table to webservice


          For that please follow below my steps


          1) open new ODI package

          2)Drag and drop ODIInventoryWebService tool package to into ODI package

          3)select the package tool and you can find the ODIInvoke webservice tool property on same window

          4) copy and paste the .wsdl URL and place it in to URL name field in property window and  fill the require fields in property window, click on "Advance" button it will open pop up notification window.with same .wsdl

          5) You can find globe symbol at right side of .wdsl URL and click on globe sysbol so it will connect to ODI as well as .WSDL code in xml format

          6) now you can place the table columns into the xml

          7) save the changes and run the package and see is it is runned successfully or not



          ODIInvokeWebService cannot suppot bult load data and you need to take number ODI variable to store the table column value from source table

          once it is done again it read the 2nd record data.





          5) in that

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            Luiz Araujo

            Hi, Phanikanth.


            It is not a WSDL, it is a WADL. I'm not sure about the differences about them, but in WSDL we have specifically PORT_TYPE and OPERATION parameters, but in the WADL it doesn't exist.


            My question is "Does ODI works with WADL webservice type or only WSDL?" with the ODI Tool ODIInvokeWebService?


            All proccess to generate the XML are already built.



            Luiz Araujo