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    how to resize html5 charts


      hi everyone,


      i just started using oracle apex and i was wondering(after 2 days of googling) if there was a way to do THIS with html5 charts?


      thank you

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          Sunil Bhatia



          There is no way people can understand what you actually meant. Please share,

          1. Oracle APEX Version

          2. Any example created on apex.oracle.com website could be great.

          3. Actual problem instead of reading the new blog and guessing your question.


          -- Sunil Bhatia

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            Hello Sunil,

            I have the same question.

            - APEX 4.2

            - Chart Settings

            To dynamically resize a flash chart - or set the size (ex, height )  we can do

              $('#Rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_chart > object', apex.gPageContext$).attr('height',$v('PXX_HEIGHT'));

            (as posted in  THIS )


            But this only works for Flash Charts and doesn't work for HTML5 Charts.


            Therefore the question is:

              How can we dynamically set the chart attributes Chart Height and Chart Width for a HTML5 chart ??



            Thank you