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    Accesing GPIO using JAVA and Python/PHP


      Hello All,

      I apologize for posting this in the JAVA ME Embedded section. I had previously posted this under the JAVA Embedded MOOC section. I just realized then there is another space for JAVA ME issues.


      I am accessing my GPIO pins using PHP and JAVA. However, there is an issue when the pin is exported as input/output by PHP (or manually) before it is accessed using JAVA.

      As an example, when the pin is configured as output by my php code  (or manually echo 7 > /sys/class/gpio/export), I get an exception in my JAVA code when I try to create an instance of this GPIO pin (pin 7).


      DeviceManager.open(7) throws the exception "[ERROR] [DAAPI] iso=-1:There is unexpected error, when open GPIO pin 7"


      Is there a way to create an instance of GPIOPin for an pin that has already been exported out as an I/O?



      Mahesh Ganapathy