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    Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics (RMA) seed data setup for Demo


      Hi All,


      There is a requirement to complete a POC on Retail Merchandising analytics (RMA). However even after setting everything up we are not able to view reports in OBIEE dashboards as we don't have data in the RMA data warehouse (Although we have data in some dimension tables after seed data setup but no fact has been populated by the shell scripts).

      Below are my questions:

      1. Do we get all the seed data required to set up at least one dashboard in RMA (I mean dimension as well as fact) ?

      2. Is RMS a must have for the dimensions / Facts in RMA to be populated ?

      3. If Yes, we have RMS schema as well but again there is no data in large number of tables even after seed data setup. So where can we find the complete seed data for RMS ?


      Thanks & Regards,