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    Object Deployment - Abandon- "Difficulty setting up my modules as WH Target/ Source OWB11gR2"



      I'm having difficulties setting up my modules as Warehouse Target or Data Source. I CAN NOT see the radio button "Identifying the module type" in the first creation module page of my Design Center to give me the chance to set them.



      therefore i get this obvious error in deployment time in Control Center:

      Schema DP_TGT (My target Schema Module) cannot be used by a target location DP_TGT_LOCATION because it is already used as  a target by OWB.MY_Worksapce. (My repository name). Do you wish to register DP_TGT_LOCATION as a source only location? (and gives me OK and Cancel choices which are useless)





      -> Why i can't find the setting for Target/Source module in the creating wizard page??? It suppose to be in the first page of creating module by wizard, right before Description??!!!!!!!! and it's gone!

      -> Is there anywhere else I can set this?

      I even tried re-installing my Warehouse Builder, still no chance!!!!!


      I'm following the excercise writen for ETL in here:

      Using Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g</title><meta name="Title" content="Using Oracle Warehouse Bui…

      My machine: win7 64bit, DB11g r2, WHB11g r2 stand alone, BI ,.


      Really appreciate your help guys.