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    Symbol versioning for BerkeleyDB v5 & v6


      Since the BerkeleyDB changed license between v5 and v6 to more restrictive AGPLv3+, there are some pieces of software that cannot link against the newer version without violation of the new license. Even more troublesome are modules or plugins. For an application in traditional sense it is enough to ensure that it links against the correct shared file (using sonames and similar).

      But suppose you have an application that uses one module linked against BDBv5 and other module linked against BDBv6. In that case, when the application is run and both modules are loaded, currently there is no way to ensure that the correct symbols would be used. Notwithstanding the licensing issues, this case would probably break because of differences between BDB v5 and v6.

      To solve this issue, I would like to ask if it would be possible to introduce versioning on symbol level. This way it is ensured the proper symbols are used and the license satisfied.