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    Siebel - EDQ


      Hello I try to check Siebel - EDQ integration.


      In EDQ I have OOTB rules, i leave small amount of it Active.


      Let's see: [E020J] Full name exact; phone

      With Score: 87


      I add record in Siebel with Name: EDQ Test and Phone number: 12345678900987


      Then I added the same rekord with Name, and Phone byt popup window didn't show, do you know why ?

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          There are many possible reasons. Here is a quick checklist:


          - Are all the EDQ jobs up and running - can you test them using the Web Service Tester?

          - Have you run key generation for the entity in question?

          - Have you established correct communication between Siebel and EDQ by correct configuration of dnd.properties?

          - Have you left the relevant Name and Phone rules active?

          - Have you enabled the popup for the user account in Siebel? If not, the duplicates might be there in the Duplicates window.


          A good way of checking what the error is is to change dnd.properties to make the failsafe property false for the service temporarily. This means an error will be returned to the Siebel client rather than suppressed.


          In general using a fake name like 'EDQ Test' is not a great idea as an initial test since matching is designed for real names. Nevertheless these do match.