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    Transaction propagation from my EJB to a SOA server



      I am developing ejb Stateless wich need to invoke bpel process. To comunicates from my EJB to SOA I'm using Worklist API an EM API.My SOA server is given me a Out Of Memory and I have seen into diagosis file that my EJB statless Trasaccitóns are trasmited to SOA Server, Is it a normal behaviour? How can avoid a Transactión trasmision?


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          Adenilton Soares



          You must analyze inside  the Worklist API and your SOA Server.

          Which SOA Server are using ?

          Which JVM configurations are you using to start the SOA server and Container Server ?

          How much free memory has your machine with started JVM and while running the code section ?

          If everything above going well and if OutOfMemory happen inside your application, you should try Weak and Soft Reference (Be careful with your development while coding).