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    Oracle Forms 11g Direction Right to Left in Run Time ( No Response)


      Hello Dears,

      Could you please someone  help me with my issue , first of all , I'm using oracle 11g forms builder , and I want to display my form on browser in Arabic Style (I mean Right_to_Left Direction) , I tried to change property (Direction)  for all module items to be right to left , and I set NLS_LANG variable in registry to be suitable with my territory ,

      and also change HTML tag in two files base.htm and basejpi.htm to be <html DIR=RTL> , until now my issue still and when I run the form , the browser preview the form from LEFT_to_RIGHT


      so , someone help me

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          Just to be clear, you are talking about aligning the content of your Form items from Right to Left - not the Items themselves...right?  If you read the Help on the Module Direction property it tells you that this property works for all items except Text and Display Items.  For text and display Items, you will need to set the Item Reading Order property individually to either Default, Left to Right, or Right to Left.


          Hope this helps,


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            Jigar Patel

            Dear Sir,

            please see below:


            Bidirectional support enables you to design applications in those languages whose natural writing direction is right to left, such as Middle Eastern and North African languages. Bidirectional support enables you to control:

            • Layout direction, which includes displaying items with labels at the right of the item and correct placement of check boxes and radio buttons.
            • Reading order, which includes text direction (for example, right to left or left to right) .
            • Alignment, which includes switching point-of-origin from upper left to upper right.

            When you are designing bidirectional applications, you might want to use the globalization support environment variables DEVELOPER_NLS_LANG and USER_NLS_LANG rather than inheriting the NLS_LANGsettings. For example, if you want to use an American interface while developing an Arabic application in a Windows environment, then set these environment variables as follows: