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    DRM & EBS Synchronization Process Delays




      I am basically a JAVA/SOA programmer who is drilling my head into a DRM based issue in our department.


      We are using EBS 11 and Oracle Hyperion latest DRM on WebLogic server.


      Cost center is created in EBS and associated with  the appropriate parent cost center. Concurrent Program is run in EBS to send the cost

      center info from EBS to DRM.  EBS after running this Concurrent program queries the database and gets all hierarchy info and writes the data to CSV file.


      This file is sent to DRM box through FTP.


      DRM picks the CSV file sent by EBS and runs drm-batch-client.exe  file and loads all hierachies in its database.  This is how the cost center created in EBS gets sycnhed into DRM.


      EBS - 11g uses JDK 1.4 and do not support JAXWS webservices and hence FTP is used to send the data to DRM.


      Now with this synchronization process between EBS & DRM, its taking atleast 10 minutes at the DRM side to run the drm-batch-client.exe.


      I am suspecting that the implementors who have designed this solution are sending all the hierarchies info in CSV file and DRM is taking time to load these hierarchies. I would like to optimize this process and reduce the DRM processing time.


      is there a way to run SQL query in DRM database (to load some data from CSV into DB) instead of using the drm-batch-client.exe.


      I am sure this current process has lot of issues and please can you suggest the ways to optimize it.


      I would welcome more ideas in this thread.



      Thanks in advance...



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          Please check the below Orcale support metalink doc.


          EBS-DRM Integration: Configuration Checklist and Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1378989.1)


          Kindly ignore if it is not helpful to you.




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            Thank you, it helps to some extent. I am infact looking for more details on setDRMBatchClient.exe.

            Assuming that webservices invocation is not feasible from EBS 11, is it advisable to use this exe for loading the CSV data (having hierarchies info) from EBS Server to DRM .


            --> Transfer the CSV(ebsdata.csv)  from EBS to DRM through FTP/Socket

            --> Download the EBS hierarchy in DRM server

            --> Run drm-batch-client.exe to load the hierarchies info to DRM

                drmbatchclient.exe ebsdata.csv


            Please help me in validating this approach.


            I can see a performance hit in the 3rd step which is taking sometimes 10 mts to load all hierarchies into DRM.  Can someone tell me an alternative way to load the data to DRM using PL SQL instead of running drmbatchclient.exe ?


            Does the batch client delete all records and reinserts again ? Why would it take 10 minutes sometimes to get executed?


            Seeing several warnings in the logs as well ...


            2/06/2014 12:11:34 PM -  - Warning: Script action 8 returned status 'Failure' with message: DRM-15029: Node NTRMUN not found in Hierarchy GEOGRA..


            5008: Node 204196 does not exist in Hierarchy



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              Your approach with running drm-batch-client.exe  via the task scheduler should work and its up to your covenience.


              More about the batch you can have a look at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E40248_01/epm.1112/drm_user.pdf