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    EDQ Developer Documentation


      Hello, do you know where I can find good documentation for developer.


      For example I have a case that I need to avoid comparing records older than two years, so I want simply have a comparison:

      Date + X < today()


      I don't know how to achieve it.

      For Comparison in EDQ for date I have:

      Date Difference

      Date Edit Difference

      Date too Different (solutions)

      Date transposition Match

      Date Exact Match

      Similar Date


      I need good documentation how I can use comparison methods.

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          You need to stamp an attribute on a record that flags whether it is older than 2 years. You can then use that flag in matching if comparing records (e.g. have a NO MATCH rule using an Is Value comparison), or simply to route records down a different path in a process.


          The sequence of processors needed looks like:


          1. Add Current Date

          2. Data Difference, configured to do a difference in whole years

          3. Value Check using the result of Date Difference, passing the check if whole years <2 - the output Flag attribute gives you the Y or N.


          The online help provides good documentation of each processor. Working out which processors to use for a given scenario is mostly a matter of learning as you go.





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            Ok but if we compare date 01.12.2013 to 01.01.2015 comparing only years we have value 2 but it is not two years between these dates.

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              Actually, that is not the way Date Difference works. It works out the exact date difference then you choose the units to return the value in. I should have said 'choosing to return Whole Years' above:



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                Ok, but I have to compare Date field with Today.


                Date Diff compares only the same fields my requirement is: Avoid maching with records older than 2 years from now.


                I see only one solution, calculating it on siebel site and then just check in EDQ if value is greater than 2.


                But I want solution that EDQ can use only date field and Today function, do you know how to do this ?

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                  Yes, it is straight forward - see the steps in my mail above. Use the Add Current Date processor to relate the date to today.