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    Are there any solar instabilities?


      I've been editing a document for the last several days and continuously have to cross my fingers when saving the content.


      The frequent issues are:


      - Jive RTE detects a recoverable version - for no apparent reason.

      - Error messages popping up during editing like "Bad gateway" or "Error occurred".

      - Saving takes several minutes, waiting for response from the server.

      - The editor behaves erratic, sometimes more, sometimes less, perhaps due to a connectivity issue.


      Looks like there is some instability or connectivity issue at the back-end. I'm not seeing any problems on my end. It would not prompt for a recoverable version if the problem was not at the server back-end.



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          Anyone else on OTN? Anything improving?


          I was busy working on my document and when I clicked "Save and continue" it showed "an unexpected error occurred". And I was logged out.


          When I edit the document again, it prompted for the recovered version, which I opened.  I decided to click "Save and continue" and received an "Invalid form" error, sitting at a completely white blank page.


          Well, it looks after all I did not loose anything too important, but how inconvenient !?


          And just a minute ago I received the following:


          Internal Server Error - Read


          The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

          Reference #3.89ed3e17.1401807396.1a40d586