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    Content Index - slow index sync on COMMIT


      Hi experts,


      I'm having slow performance on synchronizing the content index on COMMIT.


      DB version:

      Index Type: Text Index - CTXSYS.CONTENT

      Sync mode: on COMMIT


      In average, we got 10k to 20k records being update in each COMMIT.

      We are planning to implement the index optimization (CTX_DDL.OPTMIIZE_INDEX) in our database with threshold: % of fragmented row in our table. But somehow, running the index analysis is also time consuming.


      Apart from high fragmented row, does the higher number in DR#...$I/N affects the the sync performance too?

      We read somewhere that $N and $I table is only for garbage collection purpose. Can the garbage volume (# of record in $N or $I ) be the alternative threshold value to trigger the optimization process?

      Thanks in advance.