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    Added Datafile to Primary not Replicating to Standby


      Hey all.


      I'm kind of a novice on Oracle so please bear with me.


      My primary dbase is setup to sync with a standby dbase in data guard. The specs on both machines are (or should i say were) similar except for the size of the hard drive for the datafiles.  The drive on the standby was smaller than that on the primary.  Unfortunately, when i added a datafile to one of the tablespaces on my primary, it tried to replicate on the standby and couldn't do so because of lack of space.  I had to defer synching to the standby until I acquired more space.  Let's say it took one month to acquire the new harddrives. Now, I have the space on the standby, and I want to resume the synching from here. 


      I would have been deleting expired archive logs from the Primary as time went by. My question now is how do I resume synching to the standby from here? What steps must i take?


      Dbase is Oracle 11g R2.


      P.S. I'm now learning Oracle Dbase Administration.