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    Error when using "Back up to File" Version Feature


      I am running into an error when attempting to back up a version to file. The error is below:


      There was an error trying to get the status of the job.


      1: The server returned an error processing the action: CloseJob. Error message: String reference not set to an instance of a String.

      Parameter name: s


      As you can tell, it does not give me a lot to go on.


      A little background information:

      - I am attempting to backup/export a version that was migrated from QA to Development

      - Both QA and Development have the same version/patches

      - This version was imported into development, then copied, and then blended with a current version within development.

           - I did not receive any errors during this process

      - I am able to back up other files without receiving this error


      Any help will definitely be appreciated.