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    Issue installing Siebel Tools on windows7 32 Bit


      Hi there,



      any help is highly appriciated:



      on Windows7 I am trying to install siebel tools. Here are my steps, i can't pass step 6 in Oracle Universal Installer!



      1) run program C:\Siebel_Install_Image\\Windows\Client\Siebel_Tools\Disk1\install\oui.exe as administrator

      with compatibiliy "windows xp (service pack3)"


      2) choose product to install: "Siebel Business Tools Development"


      3) choose displayed standard directory:

      Name: "OraClient11g_home1"

      Path: "C:\Progs\Oracle\Client\11gR2\Base\Home"


      4) all requirement checks are successful


      5) choose language "English"


      6) "Siebel-Database-Server, Please choose the database for Siebel Tools"


      No options are displayed



      If i press "Continue", i get an error popup window saying:



      "Bei der Einstellung von ServerDatabaseIndex ist ein Laufzeitfehler aufgetreten. -1"

      must be something like

      "a runtime error occured while setting ServerDatabaseIndex -1"



      Any help/suggestions?