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    UPK 12.1: Few installation related questions




      Could you help me with some installation related questions? We are planning to install UPK Developer Server 12.1 on WS 2008 R2 SP1 and use Oracle database on a separate server for data storage.


      Technical requirements are described here:


      1. The document does not explicitly say if Oracle database with RAC is certified with UPK 12.1. Do you know if RAC is supported?

      2. Are there any specific firewall requirements? The firewall needs to be open only from application server to database server's (scan) listener IP and port? Are there other firewall requirements e.g. between client workstations and UPK server? If yes, are these described in some document?

      3. Are there any relevant MOS notes regarding UPK 12.1 installation and troubleshooting?

      4. The above document states that Windows Server R2 SP1 is supported for UPK 12.1. Does that mean all editions (Standard, Enterprise)?

      5. Any other best practices you would recommend for UPK 12.1 installation?



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          Sumeet Darode

          Hi TH,


          You can install UPK server with WS 2008 R2 SP1 without any issues(may it be standard or enterprise edn.). Oracle database can be used as well.

          You can refer the installation guide for version 12.1 incase you have any queries.

          You would only need to open the database port(eg 1527) or so on the subject server. There are no other specific port opening requirement on the firewall (port 80 must be open as well, but mostly it is not blocked on servers).


          Let us know if you have any further queries or if you have any issues.