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    Kernel versions



      I had a query  about the Linux kernel versions.  Does the RHEL Linux  kernel version  number remain the same across the  platforms

      i.e if the kernel version  for x86-64   platform is RHEL 2.6.32-431 , will it be the same for x86-32 and IA32/IA64 platforms


      Basically I want to know what are the latest kernel versions available  for RHEL Linux 4 ,5 and 6 on  x86/x86-64/ia32 and ia64 platforms

      If  anyone can guide me to any link having the kernel versions of Linux releases for different platforms , that will be great


      Any input is appreciated



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          The following might do: Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


          Releases and their available RHEL kernel versions are listed at the end. The same kernel versions are available for x86 and x64. As far as I know support for IA-64 (Titanium) has been dropped with RHEL 6.


          If you are looking for Enterprise Linux that supports a very recent version of the mainline kernel, check out Oracle Linux UEK kernel, currently UEK3 is based on 3.8.13. It's also free including updates. I'm not sure if it is "unbreakable", but you can't beat it's price/performance ratio.