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    Policy Set Invalid Error when invoking service



        I have an application deployed on standalone server, which contains a web service. I could invoke the service and test it successfully.

        Now, instead of using embedded LDAP, I need to use a OID server. This OID server is on a different machine and different DB than that of the standalone server hosting the application. So I added a valid OID authenticator with details of OID server on the domain of the standalone server hosting the application. I marked this authenticator as REQUIRED.


        When I am invoking the same service, I am getting the following fault message

          PolicySet Invalid: WSM-02557 oracle.wsm.policymanager.accessor.BeanAccessor The documents required to configure the Oracle Web Services Manager runtime have not been retrieved from the Policy Manager application (wsm-pm), possibly because the application is not running or has not been deployed in the environment. The query "&(@appliesTo~="WS-Service()")(policysets:global/%)" is queued for later retrieval.


          I did verify that the mds-owsm data source and wsm-pm are running. Also verified that the policy manager validator to verify(wsm-pm/validator). If I make the OID authenticator as OPTIONAL (the default authenticator with embedded ldap is set to SUFFICIENT), the error does not occur. I seem to be missing something on OID side or on the authenticator configuration side. Any pointers please?



      Siva Rajesh