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    Disable/Enable a free text parameter depending on value entered in another parameter in concurrent program


      Hi All,


      I am having the below scenario in my current assignment :


      I have concurrent program say : Employee Work Schedule Interface

      It has 03 parameters :

      1. Run_Mode :  allowed values are 03 Values :  'IMPORT_VALIDATE' ,  'IMPORT_VALIDATE_INSERT , 'INSERT'.

          I created an independent value set for these values.


      2.& 3. : File Path and File Name : These two parameters need to be enabled only when user has chosen either  'IMPORT_VALIDATE'  or  'IMPORT_VALIDATE_INSERT'.


      I am not able to dynamically make file path and file name enabled depending on the value entered in run_mode (Parameter 1). The file path and file name are supposed to be free text field, (no value sets needed for them).


      Please guide.

      Please let me know if i have missed on any details.