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    Accrual entitlement balances not shown for demo leave types

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      I am using EBS 12.1.1 with Vision demo database pre-installed.

      I am trying to setup accruals for employees. So i created two accrual types for vacation leaves and did the element link setup and element definitions for subtraction and addition of leaves and also gave enough balances for each leave.

      So when i go to Employee Self service >>Absence management >> Entitlement balances,


      i see these two type of leaves present there with balance as zero. When i change the date, balances increases accordingly.

      But there are a couple of other build in leave types in the Vision demo database, which can also be used to apply leave(Sick time, family leave, etc). i am not able to view entitlement balances for these leave types as they are not even listed in the screen. Nor am i able to retrieve the balances using queries for these build in leave types as it always comes as zero.

      Is there any setup missing for these leaves that needs to be done? I see that these leave types are linked to all payrolls.