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    Zoom-in Member with VBA




      I'm attempting to zoom in on a single member in cell A2 using a VBA script. I know a little about VBA, or enough to be dangerous but am new to using HypZoomIn function. Below is script I've used from the how-to guide provided. However, I keep receiving the error  "Compiler Error: Expected =". Can  anyone please provide assitance as to where there is is coming from and the correction needed? Thank you!



      HypZoomIn(vtSheetName, vtSelection, vtLevel, vtAcross)
      ByVal vtSheetName As Variant
      ByVal vtSelection As Variant
      ByVal vtLevel As Variant
      ByVal vtAcross As Variant


      Sub ZoomData()
      x = HypZoomIn(Empty, Range("A2"), 2, False)
      If x = 0 Then
      MsgBox ("Zoom successful.")

      MsgBox ("Zoom failed.")
      End If
      End Sub