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    How to remove User from Shared Services table “CSS_IDENTITY”, EPM


      Hello all,


      As soon as an external authenticated user has been created in Shared Services there is a record (entry) in the Shared Services table name “CSS_IDENTITY” where the user id identifies by it’s IDENTITY_ID name.



      When a user has been disabled in Shared Services; due the fact that the user has no privileges anymore or when the user has been removed by MaxL “drop user …”  statement or even when the user has been deleted in the AD (LDAP) the record in Shared Services table “CSS_IDENTITY” is still there.



      Is there a way to definitely delete such records from Shared Services table “CSS_IDENTITY”?  to keep the system clean (no longer records for obsolete users).

      The assumption is that this could be relevant for licence measurement (issues with number of users) per system.


      Any hint is welcome

      Best Regards