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    Set up validation across hierarchies


      We are on an older version of DRM (version


      I would like to know if the following validation is possible and how to do it


      I have two hierarchies like the following:



             IT SERVICES

                    HELPDESK      PROPERTY.STATE = IOWA







                    DES MOINES




      What I would like to do is set up a validation that ensures that whatever is put into the property of STATE in the DEPARTMENT hierarchy is also a child of the STATES node in the LOCATION hierarchy; however I want it to just look at the children under STATES, not the whole hierarchy in general, as there could be shared nodes under a different parent that have the same value.  These are just made-up hierarchies to ask my question, so I don't really have a good example.


      As a first step, I wanted to create a property using the NodeInHier function that would return true/false if the value was present, but it looks like you can only specify a hierarchy name, but not a parent node?  Is that right?


      Any suggestions are welcome, as I have been stuck on this for a while.