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    Smartview giving Invalid session error randomly.


      Hi Experts,


      Would anyone have experience resolving this issue?

      Error message: Invalid Session. One possibility is that the connection has timed out. login again.

      I am using Smartview connecting to HFM, and when using ad-hoc analysis on 1/3 HFM apps, I randomly gets the following error, but sometimes it works perfectly.

      Our environment does not have cluster/loadbalancer/high availability.


      It has the following behavior:

      1. Has never happened until this morning
      2. Iisreset does not help the issue. Restarted all services: HFM, Foundation, APS.. etc.
      3. Happens on all 3 HFM aps
      4. Doesn’t take 30 seconds to see the timeout error
      5. All users/admins have the issues
      6. The error shows, then on next try it works, then on next try it shows again... and so on....


      Steps taken to resolve the issue:


      Did all following Oracle note:

      1. 1392736.1

        and we have also added in the client’s registry.


      None of the above has helped so far. Any ideas would be appreciated.