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    apex 4.2.5 skill builder modal page 2.0.0 plugin - IR refresh issue




          I've recently installed, configured and used the Skillbuilder 2.0.0. modal page plug-in and it working really well ( thanks guys) on apex 4.2.5 installed onto Oracle XE 11.2 - apart from one issue:


          The edit link on the interactive report fails to work ie fails to bring up the modal popup following a refresh of the interactive report region ( refresh can be done either manually by clicking on the GO button or dynamically in the autoclose same deal).


          The edit link works fine when you first go into page 1 and continues to work fine until the interactive report region is refreshed.


          I've tried different browsers Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 11  - all show this problem.


          I've tried debug and the element inspector but nothing is giving any traction on the problem.


           Further notes: Basically I've followed the Skillbuilder youtube and I've created an interactive report as page 1 with a form as page 2 then following the instructions for creating the dynamic actions , dummy page on autoclose etc..


           I've made some slight modifications ( eg the table is a "real world" table of 8 columns - not emp; I've made a static % height and width and altered the Auto-close on element selector to section#uSuccessMessage which appears to work for theme 25.


           Has anyone come across this before?