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    Workspace error after install EPM

    Alvaro Soares

      Hi All,

             I've made a fresh install and configured on windows 2008 server(64-bit).

            Everything is working fine except Workspace. When i open the workspace i am getting the below error message.


         The startup document specified does not exist in the repository. Select a new startup document on the General Preferences tab


          If i click on ok then another message will open.

                         'com.hyperion.tools.cds.CDSCommand' is null or not an object


            if i click on ok another warning message will open

             A 'Service Temporarily Unavailable' error occurred communicating with the server.


           I've try to find out a solution at Oracle Support and found the following DocID :


            Error: "The Startup Document Specified Does Not Exist in The Repository" When Logging into Workspace (Doc ID 1374523.1)

            But the solution describes the following :

      1. Stop Hyperion and Oracle services.

      2. Update the BI+ repository V8_HOST table with the proper servername/domain.

      3. Restart the services.

            When I select the table V8_HOST, I've got the line below :













              Related to the step 2, it says that I have to update to my servername/domain. My servername is correct, but this Domain (BrioPortal) I don't identify. I believe it should be EPMSystem

             Did someone had this issue before and executed this step before ?


      Thanks in advance