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    Deploy Smartview via SCCM 2012


      I have tried everything - even calling for support which got me nothing!


      How do you deploy Smartview via SCCM? What command line works? All their docs S-U-C-K and do not work!

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          Am not very sure of this as i work on Hyperion but not on SCCM. but you can give a try to check with your SCCM team with below command. We have mst developed which updates the registry keys so my command looks like  below.


          msiexec /i "D:\OracleHyperionSmartViewforOfficeFusionEdition.msi" transforms="D:\OraHyperionSmartVw_111210_00.mst" /qb!


          if you dont have mst then you can use something like msiexec /i "D:\OracleHyperionSmartViewforOfficeFusionEdition.msi" /qb!


          Hope this helps.