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    apex lsnr, glassfish, database connection pool & URL


      I configured Apex Listener 1.1 with Glassfish 3.

      the server where I installed apex listener and glassfish doesn't contain oracle RDBMS software and no databases are running on this server.


      after the successfull install of glass fish and apexlistener

      I got to the page https://<localhost>:8181/apex/listenerConfigure and I entered the details of the database present in another server.


      after I click the apply button, the page just hangs

      it goes to the following link and just stays there (the tab in the google chorme says "Application Express Login")

      https://<localhost>:8181/apex/f?p=4550:1:14105114011306  (localhost is the host were the listener and glassfish are installed but not the database where apex is installed.)


      Now to see if I made any mistakes i go to the https://<localhost>:8181/apex/listenerAdmin and login with the adminlistener account.

      when i go to the page, I see that all the fields asking for the database info are greyed out, I am not able to enter any information in them.



      1. Is it required that a dummy database be created in the server where the listener is installed and setup apex on that dummy database?

      2. How can I add more databases to the connection pool?

      3. Where can I find the URLs that I can use to connect to other databases present in other servers using the apex listener?