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    500 patch in a distributed Environment-


      Hi All,

      We have upgraded hyperion from to successfully. I have to now apply the .500 Patch in our Environment. We have installed hyperion in  distrubuted Servers. (Both Windows and Linux) Do i need to apply the patch in  all the boxes or only in Foundation Services Box. Kindly advice.



      Server1 (Client Tier): (windows 2008 Server R2)

      - Smart View for Office

      - Administration Services Console

      - Financial Reporting Studio

      - Web Analysis Studio

      - Interactive Reporting Studio

      - Interactive Reporting Dashboard Development Services

      - Performance Management Architect File Generator

      - Performance Management Architect Batch Client

      - Essbase Integration Services Console

      Other Software:

      - Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x or 8.x or Firefox 3.5.x

      - Acrobat Reader 7.0+

      - Office 2003, 2007 SP2, 2010 (only 32bit)

      - Flash Player 10

      - JRE Plug-in 1.6.0_22+




      Server2: (Application Tier) - (windows 2008 Server R2)

      Foundation Services Web Applications (Workspace & Shared Services)

      Provider Services Web Application

      Administration Services Web Application

      Reporting and Analysis Framework Web Application

      Financial Reporting Web Application

      Web Analysis Web Application

      Performance Management Architect Web Application

      Performance Management Architect Data Synchronizer Web Application

      Calculation Manager Web Application

      Planning Web Application

      Other Software

      Oracle HTTP Server

      WebLogic Server




      Server3 (windows 2008 Server R2)



      Financial Management

      Financial Data Quality Management

      Disclosure Management

      Other Software

      Oracle HTTP Server


      WebLogic Server



      Server4 (windows 2008 Server R2)

      Performance Management Architect Dimension Server Service

      Reporting and Analysis Framework Services




      Server5 (Linux)

      Essbase Server