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    How to Find ASM Usage report runs slow?


      Dear Legends,


      ASM Version :

      As we are daily recieving ASM Usage report via EM agent. The problem is some times or some days it takes a long time to send the report. Following are the details,


      1.  Daily ASM Report runs/Report generated Time: May 2, 2014 9:00:00 AM EDT --> Sometimes this time indicates as at the maximum of 5 seconds increased like "May 2, 2014 9:00:05 AM EDT" --> So this indicates that it is started by the mentioned time or completed by that time?


      2.  But We recieve the Email only by 9:06:00 AM - 9:08:00 AM EDT -- > Is it because of EM Agent Delay or our Mail Server Delay?


      3.  How do I ensure that there is no I/O or performance in read write or sync with our ASM and DB Instances ?


      Let me know your suggestions



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          Hi ,


          If you have any IO issue ,then in RDBMS alertlog file ,you will see read/write failure messages as rdbms level IO capable processes do IOs.

          If there is any disk issue ,it will get reported on ASM alertlog file .

          So,at the time of delay do you see anything at ASM level alertlog file,if not ASM is working fine .


          Delay in sending report could be possible because of few issues,


          + Slowness at EM to refresh

          + Mail server issue

          + Network level issue .




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            Thanks for your valuable response and time.


            Looks like some of the data is too old and not sure my tech lead told me that he re-built some indexes and now the report is reaching us in time. Since I don't have access to the grid I could not gather much info.


            And one more info that the report is collected from the table called ASM_USAGE_REPORTS