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    Create copy of non ASM database to ASM database on different server


      I am looking for the quickest/easiest way to create a copy of a large (230 Gb) database.
      The situation is as follows :


      The source database is on a non ASM Oracle instance (on machine A).


      I would like to create a copy of this database and place it on machine B.

      Machine B has an ASM instance on it and I would like the database to use the
      ASM disk groups that are setup on this machine.


      I have seen examples of using "rman duplicate" to create a copy of a database
      but they do not appear to cover the situation where the source database is
      non ASM and the destination database uses ASM.


      The database versions for the source and destination are


      I would appreciate any advice on how to achieve this.


      Many Thanks.