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    Approach to expose the REST services for mobile devices via API Gateway


      Hi  All,

      We need to expose the REST services to  mobile devices . As per the mobile developer the service need to be consumed by the mobile device directly .

      So far the service we exposed on API gateway, is consumed by the partner servers. So we are authenticating the  partner server host.

      As per the requirement any mobile device can consume the service. But now issue is that we do not know the specific detail about the consumer device.

      This seems strange to me How we can allow all the mobile device to consume the service , there must be some intermediary to protect the Gateway.

      Is there a concept of Mobile Application Sever just like we have the J2EE application sever . That can consume the application and work as web server for mobile devices.

      Please let me know what is the best way to secure the services , any comment or document link will help