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    applyMRU tabular form




      I have a problem and i don't know how to reproduce it. I have tabular form which applyMRU process doesn't work.


      it shows me an error:


      • Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process. current row version identifier = "6E094A11642FA1E28227111295B11081" application row version identifier = "AF2F2552B80E39E326A8A857EB9C35CD" (Row 1)



      On tabular region error is:


      report error:

      ORA-20001: Error fetching column value: ORA-06592: CASE not found while executing CASE statement

      ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception


      My apex version is:


      Application Express

      Did anyone has the same problem?

      Thank you very much!!!