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    Web center sites installation failed


      Hi Guys.


      I am trying to install WCS while installing when i click on Test HelloCs,DB permission and Ping DB fails... i have tried all possible way to rectify ...DB permission are as required even the JNDI name(Datasource) name is correct even i tried unzipping ofm_sites_generic_11. and re installing it but i am facing same thing...



      this is the only error what i am getting in site.logs


      site.log-[2014-06-17 15:21:24,096 IST] [ERROR] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [fatwire.logging.cs.db] Failed to execute query SELECT * FROM TempBlobs for query 1402998684037 only this error i am getting


      Please help i am stuck with this from past 3 days...

      advance thanks



      Kiran purohit