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    Why I am not able to see the data in HFM showing NOACCESS


      Hi everyone,

      I am following every solution but could not resolve the issue so here I am  giving  you a complete picture


      I have created a test user to validate this like How I should assign Read access to HFM like to see data of the application and he has other planning ,fr view roles.


      Created a test user under Native directory

      Create a group to make all the user's who would like view the data of HFM Application

      Assigned Default provisioned  role under HFM to that Group[Can we give Advanced user along with Default role?]

      Assigned the default security class and assigned Read access to that security class[Can we give other existing security classes to assign in the dimension library metadata members if so for which dimensions I need to assign the security class?].

      Can we assign security class in Application metadata or do we need to assign only to shared library?

      After deploying the application WHen I loggined with the test user I can see only NOACCESS I could not see the data.Do we need to load the security file I think we no need to load for EPMA!

      I am not able  to see the data like when I opened any datarid it is showing NOACCESS for particular POV

      Note:When I extracted the security after deploying it is in this format

      NewHFM;HFM_View@Native Directory;Read;N

      [Default];HFM_View@Native Directory;Read;N


      Should I modify anywhere?


      Please let me know Is this process correct or not If so why I am not able to?


      Thanks for your valuable infm.