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    Has anyone seen this error message before?




      We have a server running Windows 2008 R2 which we have built as a demo environment for P6 R8.3 EPPM. It was upgraded to R8.3 SP1 late last year, and has just been sitting idling in between being used for product demonstrations.


      Recently I decided to let Windows Update apply a bunch of patches to the OS and the SQL Server instance running on the box - today when a colleague and I logged in to EPPM we kept getting a popup window every 10 seconds or so in front of the main portlet windows, headed "message from webpage", with the message


      Logged messages:

      message='unable to initialize AdfAgent' level=SEVERE error=message;'AdfIE8Agent' is undefined description:'AdfIE8Agent' is undefined number:-2146823279 name:TypeError at hh:mm:ss


      This happens if we access the application using IE; it does not happen if we use Chrome - can anyone offer any suggestions what might be causing it? There is nothing related to AdfAgent or AdfIE8Agent in the Oracle KB at the moment