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    Secure Enterprise Search (SES) does not install for HCM appliance ??

    Mike Pauletich

      I have installed the VM appliance image hcmdb-85309-pi005 on VirtualBox 4.3.10_Ubuntu r93012, but I am not prompted to install SES (nor does it install.) How do I trigger oraclevm-template.sh to install SES?


      Host is running Ubuntu 14.04:


      $ uname --all

      Linux jibeps92 3.13.0-29-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 4 21:00:20 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


      The appliance image loaded fine, I updated the Appliance Settings to enable "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards", imported the image, configured it with 6Gb RAM, and started the instance.


      PS seemed to run fine, excluding the SES dependent search functionality. I can log into the web interface and make rudimentary SOAP calls.


      Regarding the SES install, it seems line 467 in oraclevm-template.sh is not being executed since the opening log statement of that function is not present in the log:


      cat /var/log/oraclevm-template.log|grep "CreateVirtualEnvironment SES" #=> ''


      Please advise how to trigger the SES installation for this appliance.