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    R12.2.3 Invoice Workbench - Issue with unique constraint when commit


      We are having an issue when saving same invoice number for the same supplier with different site.


      For example, under the same invoice batch, the invoice headers are entered as follow

      Trading Partner         Supplier Num          Supplier Site

      KC Office Supply      2709                       L.A

      KC Office Supply      2709                       Boston


      This exception message appears:

      The message is APP-SQLAP-10000: ORA-00001: unique constraint

      (AP.AP_INVOICES_U2) violated occurred in AP_AI_TABLE_HANDLER_PKG.UPDATE_ROW<-AP_INVOICES_PKG.UPDATE_ROW<-APXINWKB with parameters (p_Rowid = AACeHzAG9AACDEAAN.p_invoice_id = 734846)

      while performing the following operation:

      Update ap_invoices.



      Back in 11i, there was a user friendly message if we trying to do the same action.

      APP-SQLAP-10024: This value already exists. Re-enter.



      It seems like the R12 APINXWKB is no longer taking care the form validation.


      Does anyone have the same issue? and what is your workaround/resolution?


      Thanks in advance!